Numbers 10:33 "ark of the covenant of the Lord" First of 30 occurrences - in Num Deu Josh 1Sam 1King Jer (1 occ.) 1Chron 2Chron.

Numbers 11:25 "spirit rested" Here and 11:26. Compare "The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha" in 2Ki 2:15, Isaiah 11:2 "the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him".
Compare the spirit "remaining" Gr. meno in John 1:32,33, "cloven tongues" that "sat" in Acts 2:3, and Christ sitting at the right hand of God Mark 16:19, Heb 1:3, 10:12.

Numbers 11:26 "two of the men" Two of the seventy that were selected by Moses were in error; the two in the camp should have been picked. But the two with the seventy received also in that God would not allow Moses to be embarrassed.

Numbers 11:28 "young man" implies immaturity.

Numbers 11:31 "two cubits" The quails were flying at this height.

Numbers 11:33 "wrath of the Lord" First of 25 occ. in KJV. Occurs:
Numbers 11:33
Deuteronomy 11:17
2Kings 22:13
2Chronicles 12:12
2Chronicles 28:11
2Chronicles 29:8
2Chronicles 32:26
2Chronicles 34:21
2Chronicles 36:16
Psalms 78:31
Psalms 106:40
Isaiah 9:19
Isaiah 13:13
Jeremiah 50:13
Ezekiel 7:19
Zephaniah 1:18
John 3:36
Romans 1:18
Ephesians 5:6
Colossians 3:6
Revelation 14:10
Revelation 14:19
Revelation 15:1
Revelation 15:7
Revelation 16:1

Numbers 12:1 “the Ethiopian woman”
"In Bible geography there were two Cushite areas: one in Asia and
one in Africa. Similarly, the Greek writers allow for an Eastern and Western
Ethiopia. Arabia was a part of ancient Eastern Ethiopia and there the Midianites resided. With these facts in mind we realize it was in Arabia that Moses married Zipporah, his Midianite wife, the daughter of Jethro, the Priest of the Midianites. She was a Cushite from the Asiatic land of Cush and, though actually a Midianite, she could be called an Ethiopian. " [WMHM]

Numbers 13:32 "eateth up the inhabitants"=unhealthy. [Pillai #709]

Numbers 14:14 "inhabitants" Heb. yashav “standeth” Heb. ‘amad “goest” halak. These three verbs only here, Psa 1:1 Zec 1:11.

Numbers 18:19 "covenant of salt" Only here and 2Chron. 13:5

Numbers 19:13 "water of separation" Water with ashes from the sacrifice of the red heifer. [Pillai #756]

Numbers 36:8 East. Wealth stays within the tribe to take care of their own orphans,
widows, and emergencies. [Pillai #755]