Judges 3:11 "the land had rest" First of four occ. in Judges; here and 3:30, 5:31, 8:28 See
Joshua 11:23 for full list.

Judges 3:15 "lefthanded" Note the weak things in this book: 3:15 3:31 4:4 4:21
7:20 9:53 15:16.

Judges 3:24 Eglon's fatness would indicate a metabolic imbalance and therefore feces would have strong odor. (He is the only person mentioned as being fat.) Release of bowels on sword thrust fooled guards, as they thought he "covered his feet." [Personal communication: Dr. John Chappell 1986]

Judges 4:9 East. “thine honour” Honor was to capture the enemy's head.

Judges 4:18 East. “turn in” Implies protection of the house.
East. “mantle” About 20" wide - folded in four, and wrapped around the neck, with
ends hanging to the knees. This shows protection.

Judges 4:19 East. “milk” Salt in the milk would establish the covenant of salt. At this point Jael had showed every protection she could.

Judges 4:22 East. “her tent” Sisera did not believe the gestures of protection Jael offered and committed the unforgivable breach of decorum by hiding in her partition of the tent, where only women were allowed. She was justified in killing him for this insult.

Judges 7:13 East. “barley” Only eaten by cows. Therefore, an insulting term.
[Pillai #723]

Judges 7:19 East. “middle watch” About 10 p.m.

Judges 11:40 "lament"=visit. East. An unmarried maiden is a disgrace not only to the girl herself but also to the family. An unwed daughter indicates that a curse of God is on the family. Often such parents give these maidens as servants to serve at the temples for the rest of their lives.

Judges 12:14 East. “ass colt” One ass per man indicates judgement.

Judges 13:3 "the angel" The definite article implies Gabriel.

Judges 19:1 See Exodus 2:11.

Judges 19:3 "friendly" East. He wanted to reconcile the matter and not to divorce her. [Pillai #726]

Judges 20:2 "people of God" First of five occurrences in KJV: 2 Samuel 14:13, Hebrews 4:9, 11:25, 1 Peter 2:10.