Jeremiah 1:1

Jeremiah=one raised up and commissioned by Jehovah.
Anathoth is about 3 miles NW of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 1:3

See Gen 14:1.

Jeremiah 1:4

The beginning of the first prophecy in Jeremiah. See 1:11,13; 2:1.
[SNS #293]

Jeremiah 1:11

2nd prophecy in Jeremiah [SNS #293]
East. Almond tree first to bloom in the spring; therefore, vigilant.

Jeremiah 1:13

3rd prophecy in Jeremiah [SNS #293]
East.[north] Wind to blow a fire was from the north.

Jeremiah 1:14


Jeremiah 1:15

Fulfilled 39:3.

Jeremiah 1:17

East.gird up thy loins=stay the mind]

Jeremiah 1:18

East. iron - an iron that does not rust when exposed. "brasen walls"=a wall of bronze. Not as tough as iron, but beautiful to look at.

Jeremiah 2:1

4th prophecy in Jeremiah [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 2:4

"Jacob" Called such for the crookedness of the nation.

Jeremiah 2:15

Fig. hypocatastasis "young lions"=attacking nations.

Jeremiah 2:17

"when he led thee by the way?"=who led thee out by the way?

Jeremiah 2:20

East. bands=leather straps of the yoke; animal must be hitched with like animal to prevent fights. [Pillai #712]

Jeremiah 2:25

"strangers, them" Both feminine gender.

Jeremiah 2:27

"a stock" Feminine gender.

Jeremiah 2:34

"poor innocents"=helpless and innocent. The older corrupted the younger.

Jeremiah 4:3

"fallow ground" Plowed but not seeded.

Jeremiah 4:23

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void;" Compare Gen 1:2.

Jeremiah 6:16

God promised rest to an entire city if they would return to His Word. [Gmwd,5]

Jeremiah 9:2

East. Wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men. Booths of ascetics were in the woods. [Pillai #745]

Jeremiah 9:3

Fig. simile "Bend their tongues like their bow for lies" [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 10:4

The idol is symbolic of customs. [Pillai #745]

Jeremiah 16:6

East.typical mourning customs [Pillai #704]

Jeremiah 16:7

East. "cup of consolation" - five juices in the cup, including pineapple, apple, orange, grapefruit] [Pillai #704]

Jeremiah 17:11

East. Partridge easily frightened away from sand-laid eggs; later forgets location of nest. [Pillai #711]

Jeremiah 20:2

"smote" Heb. nakah Relates to command of the law in Deu 25:2,3. [Omsw,192]

Jeremiah 20:3

"Magormissabib"=fear all around. [Omsw,194]

Jeremiah 20:7

"deceived"=comforted. [Omsw,197] [HBAEM]

Jeremiah 22:26-30

"So we can see by prophecy in God's Word that no seed of
Jeconiah could ever sit on the throne of David. So since Mary was of this blood line of Jeconiah, Jesus could not have been born of this seed. Jesus
was of the seed of God." [GW]

Jeremiah 25:10

East. "voice of mirth"=first fruits of harvest; "voice of gladness"=firstfruits of grape harvest, grape juice.]

Jeremiah 31:9

"Ephraim" Fig. synecdoche See Deu 32:9.

Jeremiah 31:19

East. I smote upon my thigh=I scratch upon my thigh] [Pilllai #746]

Jeremiah 31:31

See Mat 26:26. During the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the bread and cup as a memorial, or as a substitute for the Hebrew Pascal Lamb for He was to be "cut off." The "bread" represented His body and the "cup" His atoning and covenant blood. [Wway,217]

Jeremiah 34:18

East."cut the calf in twain" The covenant of sacrifice. [Pillai #713]

Jeremiah 36

This chapter occurs after Nebuchadnezzar's first captivity in which he had removed the young men and women, able-bodied. Daniel had been taken in this first taking away. Neb. left Jeremiah's son-in-law as the ruler over Jerusalem. [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 36:5

"shut up" He was in hiding for his life. [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 36:9

The law did not command a fast in the ninth month. Were they so far from God that they proclaimed a fast in the wrong month? [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 36:23

"leaves"=columns [SNS #293]

Jeremiah 46:11

East. "balm" Grease extracted from nut for medicinal purposes; headache, lumbago, nerves. Balm is common, but special in Gilead. [Pillai #713]

Jeremiah 46:25