1 Samuel

The books of Samuel and Kings are written from a human viewpoint, man's
point of view. The books of Chronicles, on the other hand, are written from
God's point of view.

1 Samuel 1:27,28

Fig. polyptoton "petition,asked,lent" All from the root

1 Samuel 2:31


1 Samuel 9:24

"shoulder" A sign of strength, blessing, and of ordination. Similar
to the covenant of salt.

1 Samuel 11:2

"right eye" Only here, Zechariah 11:17, Mat 5:29.

1 Samuel 11:7

"shall it be done unto his oxen" One who lost his oxen loses all.
[Pillai #762]
“fear of the Lord” First of 30 occ.

1 Samuel 17:2

"valley of Elah" Geography - Philistines were gathered on the
north; Israel on the south side of Elah. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:4

"cubit" Estimated to be 18 to 25 inches long. Probably the longer
A cubit is 25" and a span is 10". 224 grains=1 shekel.
Note the figure Fig. polysyndeton from here through verse 9. Verse 10 is the
summary. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:8

"a Philistine"="am not I the Philistine?" [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:11

"dismayed"=no one capable of accepting the challenge. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:12

"and the man, David, went among the men of Israel in his old age
in the days of Saul" [DavGol]
A 20-year old man is conscripted. David had not yet been.

1 Samuel 17:16

"forty" 4 X 10, and its powers (4, 40, 400) deal with earth
situations. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:17

"ephah" = bushel + 3 pecks
"loaves" bread was 18: to 28" inches across and 5" thick. This was the legal
size of bread to present to a god or the king. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:18

"pledge" East. Bring back an article of clothing or a lock of hair to
show they are still alive.] [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:20

"trench"=beseiged area [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:18

"pledge" East. Bring back an article of clothing or a lock of hair to
show they are still alive. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:20

"trench"=beseiged area [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:35

"caught him by his beard"=caught him by the throat. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:39

"assayed"=tried. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:40

"staff"=club. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:43

"dog" East. Emphasis is on dogs staying outside, i.e., foreigners.
Dogs were hit with sticks. [Pillai #756
"cursed" East. Use the name of an opponent's god in a curse to scare him.
[Pillai #756]
"and cursed him by his [David's] God" [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:48

Goliath stepped from behind his armorbearer's shield; he never
drew his sword. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 17:49

Goliath not killed by the stone; the beheading killed him.

1 Samuel 18:1

"Jonathan loved him as his own soul" If David had not come,
Jonathan would have had to lead the army and he would have been killed. [DavGol]

1 Samuel 18:4

"robe" East. A covenant is sealed when something is
exchanged. [DavGol]


1 Samuel 18:28 "Blessed be the LORD thy God" Here, 1Ki 10:9, 2Ch 9:8. Compare 1Sa 25:32.

1 Samuel 21:19

"Elhanan ... slew the brother of Goliah the Gittite" The italics are properly supplied. Compare 1 Chronicles 20:5.

1 Samuel 25:1

"buried him in his house" East. His family plot, adjacent to his
home. [Pillai #756]

1 Samuel 25:22

"pisseth against the wall" East. Either dogs or males. [Pillai #756]

1 Samuel 25:32 "Blessed be the LORD God of Israel" Heb. baruk yhvh elohai yisrael First occurrence of eight: here, 1Ki 1:48, 8:15, 1Ch 16:36, 2Ch 2:12, 6:4, Psa 41:13, 106:48. Ninth and last occurrence: Luke 1:68 “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel”
Note also: 1Ch 29:10 “Blessed be thou, LORD God of Israel our father, for ever and ever”
Psa 72:18 “Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel”


1 Samuel 26:20

"partridge in the mountains" East. Can't hunt partirdge in the
mountains because it hides closely between the rocks. [Pillai #770]

1 Samuel 28:1

“And it came to pass in those days” See Exodus 2:11.