1 Peter

1 Peter 1:2 "sanctification which is [genitive of origin] from the Spirit"

1 Peter 1:10 "prophets" These were the Old Testament Prophets who saw the period of time
between the "sufferings of Christ", and the "glory that should follow".

1 Peter 1:22 “purified your souls” Only here. Gr. hagnizo and psuche
"through the spirit" Omit.
"with a pure heart fervently" - textual variations.

1 Peter 1:23
“being born again” Gr. anagennao Only here and 1:3. Compare to gennao anothen and paliggenesia. See John 3:3 Also see “begat” James 1:18.
“corruptible” Same word in Rom 1:23 “made like to corruptible man”
“of” Gr. ek Out of, or out from.
“by” Gr. dia Through, or by means of. The new birth is from the seed, and the word of God is the instrument by which the new birth occurs. Both are mentioned in the same context because both the seed and the word are of a quality that “liveth and abideth forever”. The seed is spirit of Christ in you (see “spirit of Christ”, Rom 8:9 1Pet 1:11, and “Christ in you” Col 1:27). See Gen. 3:15 for a context where spirit is called “seed”.
Fig. ellipsis "seed" omitted after "incorruptible". Compare a similar structure in 1Cor 9:25.
"liveth and abideth forever" Gr. zoe and meno. Only else in LXX of Daniel 6:26 "living [God] and steadfast for ever" spoken by Darius.
“seed” Gr. sporas Only here. Primarily, the sowing of seed [Vincent]
“incorruptible” One of seven occurrences. See Rom 1:23.