1 John

1 John 1:1 Five unique occurrences of "as he is" in 1 John: 1:7 3:2 3:3 3:7 4:17.
"The first usage is singularly significant for these words are used in their fullest and most
inclusive way."
Other occurrences of "as he is" outside of 1 John in the KJV are Lev 14:22,
14:31; Deu 16:17; Eze 46:11; 1Cor 11:7; 2Cor 10:7; Gal 4:1

1 John 1:4 "joy may be full" A phrase most common in John. See John 3:29 15:11 16:24 17:13 2Jhn 12. Also in Acts 13:52 Rom 15:13 Phil 2:2 2Tim 1:4. "Joy" is a fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:22), but not happiness. Joy is found in maintaining our relation with God.

1 John 1:5 Topic of 1 John 1:5-9 is fellowship.

1 John 1:7 "cleanseth" Gr. katharizo (καθαρίζω) Compare Heb 10:2. This cleansing not available under the law. "For then would they not have ceased to be offered? because that the worshippers once purged should have had no more conscience of sins." There sins were “purged”, not “cleansed”. The blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse all manner of sin.

Punctuate: "if we walk in the light, as he is, in the light we have fellowship..."

The setting of the phrase "in the light" with the following clause appears
unusual in the face of most translations. But consider the following points:

Greek variants on this verse:

εαν δε εν τω φωτι περιπατωμεν. ως αυτος εςτιν. εν τω φωτι κοινωνιαν εξομεν
ean de en to photi peripatomen. os auton estin. en to photi
koinonian exomen
- MS 1851 (10th century)

"but if in the light we walk. as he is. in the light we have fellowship"

A punctuation mark (.) occurs before and after os auton estin. The
force of this punctuation is to logically connect "in the light" with
"we have fellowship..."

εαν δε εν τω φωτι κοινωνιαν εξομεν - 1850 ean de en to photi koinonian exomen "but if in the light we have fellowship"
(omits: peripatomen os auton estin en to photi "we walk as he is in the light")

MS 1850 (13th century)

Manuscript 1850 (13th century) omits the words " walk" and "as he is in the
light." The remaining words allow the verb "walk" by ellipsis: "But if we
[walk] in the light, we have fellowship." MS 1851 (10th century) reads, "But
if we walk, as He is, in the light we have fellowship."


"blood" Fig. metalepsis "blood" is put by synecdoche for "blood letting" which is put for Jesus' death, and the merits he accomplished by his death.

1 John 1:9 "he"=God. If, we confess our sins to God, God is true to His promise to forgive.